Our mission is to support and encourage all kinds of cycling for our community.

Space City Cycling Club was originally founded as the JSC Bicycle Club in 1979 by employees of the Johnson Space Center. It's original purpose was to promote two-wheeled transportation. By 1995, the club had expanded to include cyclists from throughout the Clear Lake area. In recognition of its more community appeal, the name was changed to the Space City Cycling Club.

We ride at all speeds, slow to fast and everything in between. We’re not just a bunch of racers. We’re young and not so young. We’re all sizes and colors. We are connected by a common element — the love of cycling!

Club Board


Nick Reba


Ken Paschall


Patricia McManus


Alexey Pogodin


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Our Sponsor

Bike Barn Space City Cycling Club is the beneficiary of the generous support of the Bike Barn. With seven locations in Houston, the "Barn" has everything that cyclists need

The impact of Bike Barn's support is felt throughout the Club in ways big and small and in too many ways to delineate. One thing is clear — Space City Cycling Club wouldn't be what it is today without Bike Barn in our corner.

Bike Barn generously offers members a 10-15% discount on most items.